Machined Components

What are machined parts?

Machining of parts is a process of cutting a piece of raw material to meet the needs of specific measurements. The final design of the part is achieved through material removal, which is known as subtractive manufacturing.

But what exactly is CNC Machining? CNC Machining is a term that stands for Computer Numerical Controlled. This term refers to the programmable features of the machine. This allows the machine to remove material from a stock workpiece or bar to create the desired finished component down to the exact measurement needed for your application.

benefits of machined parts

When starting with a piece of raw material, you are able to add desired features to your component to create the most effective machined part. This includes holes, slots, flattened surfaces, pockets, and markings. These machines are so precise, they provide the ultimate confidence to trust the parts will be of high quality – ultimately offering increased levels of safety and functionality.

machined parts - CNC Drill

Composition of machined parts

Common machine parts are composed of stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, basic plastics, and engineered plastics. This versatility means machining of parts can be used across all industries but plays a significant role in industries that require exact measurements for intricate and niche applications. Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, and Electronics to name a few. Achieving exact measurements is what makes Machining Parts stand out from the rest. The scope of human error is significantly reduced through this process.

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Machining Parts

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